Explanation of the Graph

MandaraThis design is a part from leaflet of the concert ” Message from Bach No.7″.  (Nov. 11th,2006)

This mandala is the model of  ” Tone Circle of Keyboard Instrument “.

During the concert,the beautiful pattern of circles,ovals,rectangles and triangles,they inspired me of triads.

As soon as I came home, I started to draw this graph.

First, I used ” Word “.  I was able to draw this basic pattern in Nov.14th, 2006.  ( 3 days! )


Later, I used ” Illustrator ” of Adobe to brush up.

Sound of major 3rd and 5th are written on the circle of 5th.

Circle is divided by ovals of yellow, green, dark blue.

5th is showed by the angles and also the intensity of white to grey.

I named this graph ” Tone Circle of Keyboard Instrument ” . This idea comes from my sister ( web designer ) color circle → tone circle.

For further explanation ,please look ” making of Graph “, ” Expression of Harmony “.

In ” Date of construction ” , you can also see the data of tuning system.

Chisako Murakami translated it into English from pianotuning.jp
Special thanks to Ms. Midori Kita.